How Vacu-Term Technology Works

Body Space Vacu-Therm are devices that tightly seal and treat the lower body with “Vacu” negative pressure and “InfraRed” radiation. Simultaneously with the Vacu-Therm therapy, an ergo metric bicycle, treadmill or step workout is conducted, which is suitable even for those who avoid physical activity. The parameters of the device (ergometer resistance, the value of the negative pressure and infrared radiation) are computer controlled and set individually for each client.

Lose Weight and Eliminate Cellulite

The amount and intensity of workouts on Body Space Vacu-Therm devices is dependent on the level of cellulite advancement and the quantity of fat. Research has confirmed the effectiveness of Body-Space devices in fighting excessive weight and cellulite. Effects are generally achieved after 20 treatments over several months, it is recommended to use Vacu-Therm for 12 to 20 treatments in one series.